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Concept Based Learning

I believe that concept based learning is very important to understand any particular topic. Concept based learning helps an individual to not just prepare for the exams, but also helps in retaining those concepts forever. "If you use concept based learning, it will stay with you forever, but if you memorize it will evaporate"

Module Based Approach

Syllabus for SFM is very vast, and in order to have a systematic approach to understand the concepts, we have divided the syllabus in different modules.

Module Based Approach helps you to plan your studies and also assists you in quick identification of a problem and implement appropriate solution for the same, giving an edge over other students on exam day. Check out our sample notes here

Video demonstration for understanding concepts

Along with the traditional methods of teaching we adopt modern techniques to make learning interesting and fun.

Short animated videos are demonstrated in class, so that the concepts are not only taught but also imprinted in the minds of the students. Check out our demo video here.

Study Notes

We provide detailed notes covering all topics and aspects of the subject. This includes

  • RTP
  • Mock Tests
  • Past Papers
  • Check our sample notes here

Test Series

We organise test series to give students a chance to self correct the position of their preparation as compared to the class targets. Our test series includes test on every chapter and final full length test on the entire course.

Video Lectures

We also have our recorded lectures, which is available at a discounted price to existing students for future reference if required.

Separate Sessions on Calculator Training & Usage

We conduct separate sessions on calculator training in order to increase efficiency, speed and accuracy while using the same.

We move in tandem with the institute

In the course of conducting regular lectures at the CA institute we get a hang of the methodology adopted by them. That gives us an edge in preparing our students for the exams accordingly.