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1. How long does it take to cover the content for Strategic Financial Management?

In order to thoroughly prepare for the exam, it is recommended to do self study for 250hrs, excluding the lectures.

2. How many hours/sessions are required to complete the SFM curriculum in class?

I complete the syllabus in roughly 100-120hrs.

3. Are all institute problems included in your notes? Are your notes sufficient for preparing for SFM ?

Yes. We have taken special care to ensure that not even a single problem is left out from institute notes. All examples from institute curriculum are solved in our notes.

4. Do you solve the problems on board during live lectures?

Yes we do solve some problems on board to give a demonstration on how to proceed. However I first explain the concept and then expect the students to solve the problem on their own.

5. What if I miss a session? Do I have an option to attend the lecture later?

Yes you can attend the lecture later when a new batch starts, If you are not appearing for immediate attempt. If you are appearing for immediate attempt it is very difficult to accommodate such requests and we highly recommend students to not miss any lecture. We are here to provide as much support as we can however there are certain limitations for immediate attempt students.

6. When should I ideally join the classes for SFM?

This answer is very simple. “The sooner the better”. However we generally recommend students to join a year in advance before the exam as that gives enough time for preparation as well as revision.

7. Will I be allowed to re-attend the lectures in case I do not clear my attempt?

We want and we expect every one to clear the exam at first attempt, as we believe in our coaching methodology and fundamentals. We always put in 100% effort and expect our students to put efforts in excess of that. Yes you are allowed to reattend subject to availability of seats in the class.

8. Do you advise taking CFA exam if I am good at SFM?

Anyone who is good at SFM and is inclined to enter into Financial Services industry, I would recommend them taking up CFA exam, as it supplements your knowledge and is a great value addition from global perspective.