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Educational Qualification

I,Manish Ramuka have completed my Bachelors in Engineering (Information Technology) from DJ Sanghavi College of Engineering (Mumbai University) with a score of First Class during the entire course.

In addition to this I also hold Masters in Business Administration with dual Majors (Finance and Supply Chain) from Syracuse University, New York, USA.

Professional Experience

I began my career as Senior Software Engineer with India's largest IT Company "Infosys Technologies Limited" and successfully completed 2years.

I have contributed over 4 years in Finance industry while working with Morgan Stanley as an Equity Research Associate. I applied my Financial skills from MBA during my professional career at Morgan Stanley.

I am currently handling the marketing and financial department of my family business "Ashok Engineering Works", supplier of spare parts across the cement industry.

Being well averse with day to day finaincial implications that a small and medium enteprise faces, and with my corporate exposure at Morrgan Stanley, I am in a better position to explain the concepts of SFM in detail and in the most practical and simplified way.

Inspiration for Teaching

I discovered my passion for teaching during my MBA program at Syracuse University, New York, USA. I got a chance to experience a very different approach to learning when in USA. I realised that conceptual learning which is linked to the practical world is the best way to learn things.

My determination of teaching further strengthened when I interviewed and met many CA candidates while at Morgan Stanley. I found that most of them who had very strong credentials and academic records lacked in basic conceptual understanding of the subject.

I will help you to learn, understand and implement the concepts not only to master the exams, but also prepare yourself to implement the same in practical world. I believe that anything learnt in the correct manner can definately get success.