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Concept Based Learning

We believe that concept based learning is very important to understand any particular topic. It helps an individual to apply their learnings not only in the exams, but also the practical world. "If you use concept based learning, it will stay with you forever, but if you memorize it will evaporate"

Mind Maps

Mind maps is a summarisation of the entire chapter which comes handy in last minute revisions.

Learning Management System

Along with the traditional methods of teaching we adopt modern techniques to make learning interesting and fun. Our LMS platform provides everything one needs to prepare for the exam even on the move.

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Guest Lectures by Industry Experts

We often conduct guest lectures by Industry Experts to give you an idea about the industry, and how to shape up your skillset keeping in mind about the current economic scenario.

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Test Series

We organise test series at various checkpoints to give students a chance to self analyse the level of their preparation as compared to the class targets. Chapter-wise tests followed by Subject-wise tests and concluded by final comprehensive test let the students practice and prepare from the exam point of view.

Separate Sessions on Calculator Training & Usage

We conduct separate sessions on calculator training in order to increase efficiency, speed and accuracy while using the same.

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